OSINT: (Open Source Intelligence)

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a form of intelligence collection management that involves identifying, selecting, acquiring and analysing information from publicly available sources with a view to producing actionable intelligence or evidence.

The OSINT officers embedded with NPI Ltd are experienced and qualified to the recognised industry standards. As such NPI are extremely proficient at obtaining creditable Open Source Intelligence with solid provenance. Furthermore, NPI Ltd are ardently conscientious of the ethical issues surrounding computer data, linked human behaviour, human rights legislation and product admissibility in criminal proceedings.

Are secret is knowing how to best interrogate the WWW efficiently and effectively. In turn we save valuable time and reduce costs.

Caution: Empirical research indicates that human behaviour and most self-portrayal displayed on the WWW is often exaggerated, false or purposely misleading. Poor data input by government authorities and commercial organisations can also seriously distort facts. As such NPI Ltd will provide recognised information/intelligence gradings for its findings to indicate the strength and reliability of the product in question