Counter Surveillance Techniques

Counter Surveillance (CS) is often over looked during everyday business, but it is one of the few self-help security measures that allows for threats to be dealt with before they develop into real security issues.

If you are being watched it will be for the sole purpose of determining your vulnerabilities. Professional surveillance operatives can quantify you as the target, note possible weaknesses and then plan subversive actions against your business or private life.

Most criminal and corporate surveillance activity will be conducted by one person or possibly a small group of operatives. This means they often place themselves, or technical equipment, into vulnerable locations to closely monitor their target. We can open your eyes to these flaws.

NPI Ltd CS awareness training will focus your observations towards watching for the watchers. We will bestow you an ability to identify clear indications of hostile reconnaissance and covert device deployment.

Once you are at that juncture you can form a considered decision regarding your tactical response.