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North Point Investigations Ltd is staffed by highly skilled investigators with decades of combined experience. We are a proven force with an impressive range of disciplines gained from specialist duties within the UK Police, HM Forces, Royal Military Police, the Civil Service and Private Sector.

All NPI operatives have engaged in Serious & Organised Crime Investigations including Covert National Security Operations. The specialist skills set gained from such experience have since been redirected towards the private sector throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the World.


Missing People
Evidence Gathering
Evidence Gathering
Subject Profiling
Subject Profiling

Bespoke Private Investigations

North Point Investigations Ltd has the capability to offer advice and support regarding a host of bespoke
Covert Solutions suitable for most environments.

client Comments
  • Technical Tracking

    “The technical ‘Geofence’ tracking device deployed by NPI Ltd provided unbiased intelligence on a vehicle utilised by a potential stalker. The information gained on association and proximity was key to a successful intervention by the courts.”

    Private Client
  • Employee Malingering

    “A number of subtle triggers indicated that a certain employee was taking time off on full pay (sick leave) to conduct some form of private enterprising. NPI Ltd was able to confirm that the employees supposed ailments appeared somewhat absent whilst away from work. The final product supplied by NPI also included media on the enterprising activities.”

    HR Manager
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

    “I was convinced that a eavesdropping device had been deployed to monitor my conversations. After conferring with NPI Ltd a full spectrum TSCM sweep of my business workplace was conducted and my suspicions were annoyingly confirmed. The follow-up investigation and guidance provided by NPI Ltd helped both myself and the organisation overcome an outrageous intrusion instigated by a former employee.”

    Financial Director
  • Advice and Tactical Guidance

    “It was by pure chance that I met Chris who at the time was providing operational support to a government department. Initially I was considering a covert deployment for one of my journalists into a very intimidating environment. However the local knowledge and operational experience that Chris was able to impart changed my approach for the better. Not only did he provide considered reasons for abandoning the precarious idea he also facilitated a number of alternatives.”

    Media Producer, Channel Four
  • Operational Support & Resilience

    “Having been in the business of private investigation for nearly three decades I was delighted to engage with NPI Ltd. Their technical inventory and resilience has been both impressive and reliable.”

    Private Investigator
  • Lost Contact / Missing Associate

    “NPI Ltd was able to reunite me with a ‘nowhere to be found’ associate. The swift and positive response was very impressive.” 

    Private Client
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